Sunday, November 20, 2016

How DO you drip...

So part of having a greenhouse is having the advantage of being able to set up permanent irrigation which is a time saver for me! 

So I will keep this entry short, there really isn't much to explain here. 

I am using a dripworks "system"  But to be honest... It's 5/8in irrigation line and a few twist loc fittings made for the line, the emitters are Rainbird 1 gph (don't buy these, the dripworks emitters are far higher quality) , and the drip line is a flexible vinyl 1/4in line. All you need is a punch tool and a decent pair of pliers to punch the emitters into the line. 

I use a 30/40 psi pressure regulator, and quick connect hose fittings. 

I tried to branch as many lines together, each tray gets one line, 3 lines per shelf, 9 lines per shelving unit. 

And some seedling progress pictures!  Most are just breaking the soil now. 

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