Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Cats Cats Cats Everywhere!

Well, I figured you guys might want to know a bit more about the crazy behind the Greenhouse...

Here is my lovely wife of 3 years.. Shayna.. holding a cat that might or might not be skinnier then logan.

Here is me, with my Cat "helen"

So we have 6 cats,  yes six.. we had a HUGE mouse problem.. we still have it.. plus 6 cats.

Here Is Cali, doing her favorite thing.. pretending to be furniture. 

Cali was a rescue, she was given to me by a good friend, and well... was sick. We feared she wouldn't make it, after a few weeks of playing wack a mole with what it could be, we found out she had a cyst obstructing her throat and thats why she wasn't growing. We had it removed, and now shes the biggest cat out of them all. 

Our next kitty Is Stella. We got her from a local Cat rescue- 

Our Next Kitty is Bella- We rescued her from a friend that rescued her.

Next up is logan, we rescued him from the same place we got Stella, Me and my wife walked into a pet store, with maybe a bit too much to drink beforehand... My wife saw logan.. and HAD to have him. 2 weeks before we got married to boot! 

Might I add.. he LOVES to be touching you.. at all times.

Next up is Lola, she is our only Non-rescue. She is a F5 Pure Bred Bengal cat.  My wife adores and dotes on this cat. 

And last. but not least is the most saved Kitty of them all... "Helen"  Helen was posted to a facebook group for blind cats as needing an emergency home.  Without even asking my wife I emailed the place and said we would take her.  Well the wife wasn't happy, and well... Helen was in North Carolina.  Helen is Blind, and has a dislocated tail.. so we think she lost her vision from trauma. She is a huge brat, the only cat that begs for people food.. and is insanely smart almost to diabolical levels.

To be able to eat in peace, I have to sit her in my lap and feed her.. Not joking. 

She can scale out dining room chairs.. How she figured this out, we dont know.

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