Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Sorry... Its been a busy Spring! Updates!

So lets start out with... Its April 17th and snowing outside... Ugh!~

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile guys.. Its just been a crazy spring lead up for me.. Work, Finishing the last leg of our home remodel, and a few other things has made this a busy spring!

So I'm into bloom season!  Yay... Here's a few pictures! 

Clown Pants

Papio Shelli Mae 

Full Greenhouse Shot

Colorful Chaos R2D2

Master and Bold Ruler 

Reign In Me


So how's the greenhouse going?  



Of course-  Spider mites have made their way in this year again.  I was super selective as to whom I bought from for early shipping. That in turn burned me again.  Next year I will introduce no new plants into the greenhouse at anytime period without it coming in with no foliage.

I have been using Predatory Mites for control, but it seems like I'm losing that battle. I'm going to have to go into a rotation of insecticides. 

Heating bill wasn't bad this year.. maybe 1000-1200 for the winter so far.  I expect one more fill before no heating is needed.

Watering and fertilizing has been normal. Nothing much ado here. 

Seedlings are growing well, Hoping for a clear 10 day forecast so I can get them outside very soon. 

Seed set seems to be good this year, My scapes are taller this year.. so again.. I guess I need to lower my benches again! 

My water benches worked very well for getting many plants watered with minimal effort, that was a huge time saver on my end. 

That's about it guys.. I really haven't spent much time in the greenhouse until recently.  

Will update again soon! 

Obligatory cat pics to follow! 

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