Monday, January 8, 2018

So the season of 2018 begins...

So today is a wonderful wintry day, with freezing rain, some snow on top, mixed with the last day of 

below freezing temps during the day for a little while.

So winter 2017-18 has made her mark so far, with a polar vortex visit on the side...

Our 2 week cold snap resulted in the most propane I've used over a 15 day period yet, 91 gallons from 12/12/17 to 1/03/18. Not the kind of usage I want to see. 

But, there is nothing I can do to change the weather, even our southern neighbors got a taste of northern suffering.

My condolences to our Canadian friends. 

In early November me and my wife planted about 4500 seeds, this happened about 3 months later than anticipated, but that was basically my fault... I made 35,000+ seeds this year and that is ever so time consuming...  Not doing that again.

From here on out, I will make my seed in the GH early in the season... dabble during bloom.  But I rather enjoy the plants, not punch a clock for them. 

After that, we took a vacation to Key West... We needed it!  

Here's a quick picture from the Dry Tortuga's- 

Well moving onto the  "Greenhouse"  

This year in an attempt to save fuel costs I wrapped the exterior of the greenhouse in closed cell bubble wrap... we will see.

I pulled the pots on the 24 of December, 10 days later then I did last year...

I was trying to get them more "cold hours"   I still had a few plants trying to grow...

My local vole/mole/mouse population found my chilling pots to be a wonderful snack...  I wasn't assumed. Next year I will bait traps, etc etc etc. 

This was as of Jan 5th... Almost everything is in active growth.. I haven't watered the pots yet... Nor do I have room for all of them... A constant problem you'll always run into in the daylily world I suspect. 

Seedlings getting going, because of the late start with planting some of these seeds wont germinate till we get a run of a few days with GH temps over 80+.

I still have some sorting to do, I still have the new GH heater to install (upgrading to a larger unit) 
I have to finish waterproofing the lower benches, and fix a few grow lights. I hope to get that done in the coming days. 

Some comedy for everyone... My very deciduous tree.. with all its foliage still attached. I'm just going to call it dormant and move on! 

And Helen!  You always save the best part for last!   

So thats it for now, I will try my best to get another entry in very soon once stuff starts really growing.. but the winter months are pretty boring to start with...  

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  1. Hey Peter-how did that bubble wrap work out?

    I don't know if your cat(s) are outside at all,but if so,be careful with any vole poison.The voles can be a problem here too....Rich H