Friday, April 7, 2017

April, The Magic Month...

So another month has come and gone... February was warm, If given how typical weather patterns exist march should be warmer?  NOPE. 

So with that said... Stats and Info time!  

Average Exterior March Temp- 51 Degrees

Average Temp maintained in Greenhouse- 71 degrees

Average Humidity In Greenhouse- 74%

Max Temp- 91 Degrees

Max Humidity- 99%

Average propane use- Didn't Calculate

Times watered- 4 times

Times fertilized- 1 time

Pesticide used- 1 time

Blunders- 0 

Lessons Learned- 2

Total time spent in greenhouse- 10 hours total

So march brought a few fun things with it... The Sun! and still cold exterior temperatures.  As you can see by my data-logger, temp swings were the thing for march.  

By the end of march we got the automatic vent openers where I needed them, and I set the power vent to turn on at 77-80 degrees.   The heat is set near 68-70. But I will be backing that down to 65ish to keep from heating and venting at the same time. 

As you can see the amount of watering has increased, the plants being in active growth in addition to the higher temperatures has lead to some pots drying out. Smaller the pot, the faster it has dried out for me. 

So onto a little greenhouse lesson for peter... About 15 of my plants where afflicted with a weird symptom... They started rotting from the newest growth, and on out. 

Although no conclusive reason was found... I attribute this to my improper spray technique (Being too heavy and soaking plants) 

I stopping spraying everything for 3 weeks, and all the afflicted plants rebounded.  I lost scapes on a few, but I can hope for re-bloom. 

My next lesson... The first round of blooms so far have be EXTREMELY difficult to set pods on. In my mind, it was going to be cake.  Not so.  It seems like they are blooming a bit too early for their own good. Possibly.  I am now starting to get pods with greater frequency. But the first few days of bloom. I got nearly nothing. 

So April will be full of blooms, I am about 2-3 weeks off from "peak"  and I almost have scapes from every plant.  The seedlings will be officially kicked out of the greenhouse this weekend for 2-3 weeks of hardening off. 

I will start a majority of my vegetable seeds and such after this weekend also. 

Busy times ahead! 

And here are some blooms in the greenhouse, Enjoy! 

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